5 Crazy Jobs You Won't Believe People Get Paid to do

#3 is the dream!

1. Professional bridesmaid

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The concept of bridesmaid wasn't that big in India since the family used to take care of all things wedding-y. But, now that the bride and groom actively involve in every aspect of wedding preparation, cloud of stress is bound to hover in your about-to-get-married-happy-sky. This is where a 'professional bridesmaid' steps in. A stranger who can take care of everything you need on your big day, be there by your side and helps you with every trivial challenge that comes your way. And yes, people pay hell lot of money to the bridesmaid for her valuable services!

2. Armpit sniffer

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It's a legit job, people. There are experts sniffing armpits to check if a new deodorant formula is working or not. Or may be they are doing some other research. Whatever the case may be, it is a stinkydifficult job and you know it too.

3. Pizza taster

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It can't be just me who aspired to be a pizza taster. A job that requires you to eat pizza! Everyday! Where can we apply for it?!

4. Furniture tester

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While you sit in your cubicle surrounded by files to work on, deadlines to meet and to-do lists to take care of, there's someone getting paid to sleep. A furniture tester's job involves analyzing if that bed will help you fall asleep even before you can start counting sheep or if that couch is comfortable for Netflix and chill.

5. Professional snuggler

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A warm hug is much more therapeutic than we know. The professional snugglers get paid to bring in this human touch in the lives of those who really want to feel relaxed by cuddling a real human being.