7 Most Common Beginner Workout Mistakes, And How to Avoid Them

How many of these are you guilty of making?




1. Being Over-Ambitious

It is kinda easy to get carried away when we finally hop onto the 'working out everyday' bandwagon and try and rope in a li'l extra, thanks to all the newfound motivation and adrenaline rush are experiencing. But getting overzealous about adding mileage, reps, or weight can spell disaster. According to Laura Bergman, a personal trainer at Fast Track Therapy in Merrifield, Virginia, "Soft tissue adaptation takes time and you can't make your body adhere to your schedule. Starting your training with plenty of time before your goal event gives you room to progress slowly, and allows time for a safe rate of adaptation."

So even if you're working out to shed some kilos for a wedding, or any other special occasion, it's crucial to embrace a moderate progression.

2. Not Wearing the Right Shoes

How many of you are guilty of simply slipping onto your casual sneakers or worn out trainers in the hurry to just start? The wrong footwear often leads to injuries, so getting the right pair and timely replacing them help you stick longer to your newfound love for fitness.

"My advice is to find a shoe that allows your foot to function as a foot, rather than inhibit it,"advises Bergman. Essentially speaking, different people have different footwear needs depending on their personal stats and the type of workout they are doing. We recommend checking out a reputable running or sporting goods store and seeking expert assistance. Of course, don't forget to keep comfort a priority. Sometimes, our feet tell us best.

3. Not Having a Definite Goal

When we say be definite, we don't mean know how many kilos you want to lose, that's a target even beginners know how to set. Well, mostly. But by specific, we're talking about what exactly do you wish to achieve with your workout? You could be aiming at losing fat, or simply building muscle strength, or just be after a leaner frame. Even though, in the end it's about overall health and one wants all of these, it helps to priorities and work with specific targets, which you can check off sooner!

4. Ignoring Diet Just 'coz You're Working Out

The first thought that comes to mind the day we start working out is obviously, that maybe now we can eat guilt-free, since we're burning it all off, anyway. Well, so we think. But the problem arises when we underestimate how many cals we're binging on, conveniently overestimating how many of them we've actually burned. It is that disparity which ultimately prevents us from attaining that dream bod! So, irrespective of what your physique goals are, diet is always more important than your training, so better avoid that late-night cookie indulgence.

5. Working Out For More Than An Hour

Experts say that after an hour of working out, it starts bordering along the lines of being counter-productive. It's better to start off with a 30 to 45 minute workout. There, feel better?

6. Not Prioritizing Recovery

Many of us are unaware about this, by exercise by itself will damage your body. While lifting weights, or running, or while interval training, you're actually break down your muscles bit by bit, so that new, stronger muscles are built. After your workout, the body begins the recovery process, and rebuilds itself with the help of high quality, nutrient-rich food and lots of sleep! So if you're missing all this and just focusing on burning calories, STOP IT.

7. Not Realizing That Even Healthy Foods Have Calories

While healthy foods are good for the body and we should incorporate them in our diets, we mustn't confuse them with being calorie free. Just because they're nourishing for the body, doesn't mean you can gorge on them without a break, thinking you will lose weight.