Want to Make A Style Statement With A Smartphone? Enter Moto X4.

Style: check, camera: check, durability: check!




If you are tech savvy and riding high on fashion- here's something you definitely shouldn't be missing out on– the new super-glam Moto X4, which is the perfect companion for both work and leisure.

It stands tall in all the must-have features that you look for in a stylish smartphone (did we mention that it leaves quite a lasting impression, too?)

If buying a new phone has been lingering for too long on your to-do list (probably due to lack of more options that give you an efficient mix of tech and style), say hello to the new Moto X4. Just a few hours of exploring this phone, we're already digging its refreshing new moves.

The device boasts of a metal and glass body with a unique watch-dial rear camera design. If 'metallics, all day err day' is your personal style statement, you will love the sleek and polished metallic exterior of this phone, that'll perfectly compliment your look.

Moving on to everyone's favourite bit—just when you thought the perfect selfie (in a minimum number of attempts) doesn't exist, Moto X4 decided to show us the wonders of its 16 MP front camera, and boy! Were we in for a pleasant surprise! What's more, the device also has a panorama mode to ensure nobody in the gang is left out.

The Moto X4 proves that a super-crisp picture is just a tap away! It comes with dual rear cam (12MP+8MP) that shoots 120-degree wide-angle pictures and you can actually make your subject stand out by blurring the background or the foreground. So click away without the fear of getting a "memory full" notification as this humble gadget can be expanded all the way up to 2TB!

Adding to the awesomeness, your Instagram feed gets an instant make-over, leaving your followers wondering what your secret filter is… (You know it's #Motography)

Oh, and you can switch the camera on without having to unlock your phone. Just twist your wrist, and voila! You will never miss a moment worth capturing with the Moto X4.

Talking about durability, we all have our clumsy days, every once in a while, but don't worry 'coz Moto X4 understands and comes with an IP68 rater water resistant design which shields your phone from accidental spills, water splashes, and even puddles. And yes, you can now enjoy poolside parties too, without worrying about your phone's safety!

So, no points for guessing what you should be shopping for nexthead to Flipkart now, and get your hands on the all new Moto X4.