Tasting the Summer Menu at Fio Cookhouse and Bar




Confession: we're die-hard melon-ists. Hell yeah, that's a thing. It involves devouring watermelons at any time of the day, in any form available to you. We started our meal at Fio's Cookhouse with Watermelon Spritz, an oh-so-divine cocktail that blends the fruit with cane sugar, lime and mint-so fresh you'd be happy have a glassful for breakfast. Paired with the Lettuce Cup Watermelon Bocconcini Fennel salad, a refreshing change from the feta variation, it set the course for the rest of the meal.

Considering we're in peak mango season, Chilly Summer more than piqued our interests. The fresh mango martini left a spicy aftertaste courtesy the pepper and tobasco blend. Gin Keri was a close second-very aam panna in its appeal. We devoured our second round of mixologies with raw papaya, mango salsa and shredded cheese on bruschettas, a surprising Asian spin on the Italian delicacy. The grilled fish chilli lime with ginger tamarind glaze was just as delish.

After carefully avoiding bitter gourd and its many renditions for years now, the choice of mains took us by surprise. It's safe to say that the braised pommery mustard bitter gourd with rigatoni and mustard cream sauce was a winner, so subtle in its flavours, you almost won't notice the pieces of gourd inside. This was followed by skillet herbed plum chicken with lemon couscous and jus, which made for a fine and well-balanced plate.

The only let down that evening was the green mango and mulberry cheesecake, mostly because it pitted too many flavours against each other without letting you have the best of any of them-just a minor road bump in an otherwise perfect evening, of course.

we mention it was raining all the while we were there? And anybody who has been to The Cookhouse knows just how enchanting the place can be. The dewy weather absolutely made it worth the while. To sum it up we'd say, Fio's summer menu is definitely worth a shot. But that's just one of the many reasons you will be charmed by this place.