7 Reasons We Absolutely Love Archie Comics

...Tom Moore, Archie Comics cartoonist passed away earlier this week.




Legendary cartoonist Tom Moore is best known to have illustrated the freckled Riverdale-going redhead Archie Andrews and his pals 'n' gals; Betty, Veronica and Jughead. Despite the wild success of the comic, he was actually taken aback when it was displayed at a museum in 1996. "Who knew Archie would have such universal appeal?" he said. He passed away in El Paso, Texas at 86 last week. Well we sure love Archie and 'the gang' Tom, and here's why:

#1 The love triangle: even though Betty and Veronica constantly attempt to steal Archie from the other, they're actually pretty content sharing him. (That's some serious forward thinking, am I right)?

#2 Jughead's amazing metabolism: poor Ethel. Jug would rather sip on his ice cream sodas at Pop Tate's than go on a date. While he's guzzling that soda, he also manages to gulp down a dozen burgers but never EVER gets fat.

#3 Reggie's bad-boy vibe: you know he's the guy you despise for being so darn full of himself and so smooth at the same time. He's always just 'round the corner getting a good laugh off that mean prank and driving up in his fancy sports car to pick you up for that perfect date. (We do love that jalopy too, Arch)!

#4 The uptown - downtown BFFs: we can't compare Betty and Veronica's relationship to Two Broke Girls because, well, Veronica's in no way broke. But they're the typical spoilt-rich-girl and good-girl-next-door BFFs. Even though Betty can't buy a diamond necklace over lunch break and Veronica skips school more often than Ms. Grundy would like, they're always there for each other.

#5 Mr. Lodge is basically like every. single. dad. ever: sorry about all those times he kicked you out.

#6 They're actually a bunch of really cool kids: Riverdale may seem like a sleepy ol' town, but there's so much going on. While Betty's busy fixing-up the next car with her head under the bonnet, Dilton's got some crazy-cool experiments going on in his basement. And they have a band.

#7 Nothing terrible ever happens in Riverdale: Archie's hometown seems way too perfect (we want in). Despite the little spats and catfights, in every single comic the gang seems to live happily ever after!

(By Rijuta Agarwal)

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