You Can Now Choose a Facebook 'Executor' To Control Your Profile If You Die

Facebook's 'legacy contact' feature is now live...




Ever panicked about who the heck's gonna update your FB status when you're dead? Er, no, us neither. But those worrywarts who have will be pleased to know Facebook now lets you appoint a 'digital executor' in the terrible event you pass away.

Now any of the 35million Facebook users in the UK can appoint a friend or loved one to take over their FB reins once they've gone. The new settings mean a trusted family member or friend can make one last post on the behalf of the deceased, and also allows them to manage friend requests, update cover and profile photos.

They can also download an archive of the deceased's posts and pictures to remember them by (but not private messages) although they won't be able to edit posts already published on Facebook. The previous system meant that when a Facebook user died, their account was either frozen, or deleted completely - a move that, understandably, divided opinion.

To switch the Legacy Contact feature on, visit Settings > Security > Legacy Contact and type their name into the box. Once you've clicked Add, your chosen person will be sent a message giving them the right to edit your page in the event of your death.

Cheery, innit.

By Sophie Goddard

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