23 Effective Ways To Fake Your Weight

Feeling less than svelte and want to shave off the kilos pronto? Read this...




You've got a special occasion coming up (this Saturday night) - just enough time for a three day panic diet and several punishing sessions at the gym. Prefer not? Then grab a latté, kick back, relax and read this instead.

1. Eat up to nine serves of fruit and veggies each day. "You'll eat fewer calories as it should displace the need to consume junk food like cookies, colas and chocolate," says Jennie Brand-Miller, co-author of The Low GI Diet. "Feed the hair, the skin, and confidence so you glow!"

2. Wear black, black, black says Cosmo US fashion editor Sarah Bonett. Liv Tyler, Jennifer Aniston and Katrina Kaif swear by its slimming power.

3. Sleep on two pillows. "Fluid pools around your eyes if your pillow is too flat, resulting in puffiness. Elevate your head to make your face appear magically less bloated in the morning," says Cosmo's beauty editor Leigh Campbell.

4. Contour your cheekbones by adding choppy textured layers around your face, or opt for a sexy (and faceslimming) side fringe, says Anthony Nader, Editorial Session Stylist of the Year 2008.

5. If you have a large bust and hips, choose a V-neck dress with a skinny belt around the waist. The belt attracts attention to the midriff, as does the V, says fashion designer Wayne Cooper. Draw people's eyes away from problem

6. Draw people's eyes away from problem areas with great shoes, sunglasses or cool accessories, says fashion designer Shona Joy.

7. Avoid large prints. "Large body shapes should wear small, all-over prints with a dark background to disguise any lumps and bumps," says Joy.

8. When it comes to frocking up, wear the right size. "Most labels vary in size. Just because you're a size 8 in one doesn't mean you will be in another label. If a size 10 fits better and looks better, go with the bigger size," says Cooper.

9. High heels elongate your legs, says Cooper. Jessica Simpson wears five-inch heels to lengthen her look and add extra inches.

10. Cut back (or cut out) salt and salty foods. High salt intake has a tendency to cause fluid retention, says Brand-Miller.

11. Visit a good lingerie store and buy yourself some magic underwear. Isla Fisher, Cate Blanchett, and Drew Barrymore are all fans of brands like Spanx or Dr Rey's Shapewear. Form-fitting underwear can shave off inches and help you go down a whole size (in appearance)!

12. Leggings look great pulled over the ankle and under the foot to make legs appear longer and leaner, says Joy.

13. When putting hair up in a ponytail, never go flat or pull back too tightly-it will make the face appear too full. Increase the volume of your hair at the crown a little to slim your face, advises Nader.

14. Get an expert bra fitting. Regular bra fittings mean you'll always be supported regardless of your boobs' natural fluctuations. "It's amazing what a difference wearing the right underwear makes to the look of your outerwear," says Karen Ashley, national sales manager for Triumph.

15. Use a bronzer to contour your face. Sweep the areas under the cheekbones up towards the temple and along the side of your nose. "This will have a slimming effect , " says Campbell.

16. Choose outfits that emphasise your favourite features. For example, if you have a great face and décolletage, but you aren't so happy with your waistline, go for an off-the-shoulder tee. This will draw the eye away from the waist, says Joy.

17. Use objects you're holding to your advantage, by placing them in front of areas you'd prefer to hide. "If you're big in the hips, carry a clutch. Or, if you want to balance out a large bust, carry shoulder bag that sits on your waist," says Cosmo's fashion director Nicole Adolphe.

18. Short women wanting to appear taller should opt for vertical stripes; this creates an illusion to the eye of elongating the body, says Joy.

19. Make friends with fake tan. "A darker skin tone gives a slimmer silhouette. Concentrate on your problem areas-think thigh, tummy and bottom. If you don't have time for tanner to develop, mix equal parts liquid bronzer with your body moisturiser, and apply to any exposed skin, says Campbell.

20. If you're bigger on the bottom half, avoid light shades in pants, skirts, and shorts; stick to darker shades. If you have great legs but are bigger around the waist, a shorter A-line dress is flattering, says Cooper.

21. Stay away from short hairstyles if your face is fuller. Shoulder-length the most flattering, says Nader.

22. As a simple rule, wear skirts and dresses rather than pants-they' more flattering on a bigger bottom half, says Bonett.

23. In photographs, take Aarti Chhabria's example: Turn partially side-on to the camera, with one foot in front of the other. Hold your arms slightly away from your body, and lift your head a little as well to minimise any appearance of a double chin, says Adolphe.