Hot New Bar Alert: Ek Bar

The peeps in Delhi have an awesome new bar to hang out at. Cosmo gets you all the deets you need know about AD Singh's (of Olive and SodaBottleOpenerWala fame) latest venture–Ek Bar–in partnership with Chef Sujan S.


Ek Bar, New Delhi


Cosmo: Tell us about the concept of Ek Bar, including the story behind the interesting name!

AD Singh: As a country we have a lot stories to tell – from design to history, and traditions. And that's what inspired us. With Ek Bar, We're trying to tell an Indian story. Since tales from our childhood usually start with 'Once upon a time', we decided to name the place Ek Bar. The bar infuses an element of nostalgia for all the things we had and remember with fondness from our past and our very own part of the world. 

Cosmo: How have you translated the concept by way of decor at the bar?

AD Singh: It was quite a challenge. We didn't want to stray in the line of kitsch. We wanted something that was interesting and innovative. Smallshop's Anshu Arora Sen, who designed the interiors, curated the fresh look that was essentially Indian at heart and gave the place a stylish spin by way of various fascinating elements.

Cosmo: The bar only open in the evenings as opposed to most of the places in Delhi starting way early in the day...

AD Singh: Well, it's a cocktail bar and we wanted to make sure that the positioning is understood. We do serve exciting Indian food that can be eaten alongside a drink but it's primarily a bar!

Cosmo: After introducing Delhi to various kinds of cuisines in the past, why did you move towards fusion regional Indian cuisine with Ek Bar?  

AD Singh: This is an exciting time in the Indian culinary history. The world wants to know more and more about India and what's going on here. And we decided to share this intriguing food story with the world. Our menu offers reimagined traditional regional dishes presented in a stylized form.

Cosmo: If the Cosmo team was at Ek Bar, what are the things we should totally order?

AD Singh: Ek bar is fronted by its cool cocktails. I would say let the mixologist lead you through the drinks. I'd suggest you sit by the bar and watch him give shape to the artisanal cocktails, and then try out a sampling of different dishes.

Cosmo: How many total restaurants has it been now? When do you ever rest?

AD Singh: (Laughs) Well, we have nine brands and 27 restaurants in total. I maintain a good work-life balance...I exercise regularly and spend a lot of time with my family. And, I happen to immensely love what I do and that's what keeps me going!

Ek Bar opens on September 23, 2015, at D -17, First Floor, Defence Colony, New Delhi

To be open in the evenings only, 6 pm onwards