15 Stages of Partying in Delhi Like a #WorkingGirl

"Play some Honey Singggghhhh!!!"




​1) Hells to the yeah! Imma get out of work early and get all dolled up! It's Friday, b*tches!

2) Okay, so I had to stay an extra hour (or three). I can SO change in the bathroom instead. I'm still going to get wasteeeed!

3) There is so very much traffic. Will I make it there before ten? I can make it home before that. I can marathon Sex And The City and fall asleep at 11! Okay, wait, South Ex is clearing up. Par-tay!

4) Yes! Here at 10:30! That's not so bad! If I run to the loo and wash my face and slap on some lipstick before people see me, it'll all be oka-heeey you guys! I was just coming to look for you!

5) Abort face-washing plan. Time to selfie-cam and make that lipstick happen pronto.

6) Time to get me a draaank! It's ladies night! Imma drink till I can't stand up.

7) Dear God, what is this swill?! How did I drink this evil green sugary stuff in college? One vodka Orange please. Yes, yes, I know that's chargeable.

8) This music is fantastic! I love old-school reggae remixed with EDM! Who are these guys? I will download their discography!

9) Okay, I'm drunker now. Play some bloody Honey Singghhh!!!!

10) #Insta #FridayLove #MahB*tches #WhoNeedsTheGymWhenYouCanDanceLikeThis!

11) How is this place not shut yet? I've been here for aaagess. Guys, can you feel my legs? Your legs? 

12) What Lights out already! I just GOT here! One more, one more!

13) Hello, Ola? Ola! Aap kahaan hain bhaiyya? 

14) Bye you guys! Next week again, for sure? We'll try out something else; we HAVE to stop coming to this same place! Ya, we always say that but next time we HAVE to, okay?

15) Hello, home! (I wonder if I have time for some Sex And The City...)