Women Around the World are Sharing Pictures of Their Underwear and It's For a Good Reason

The real story behind the #ThisIsNotConsent

With the #meetoo movement gaining momentum all over the world, the tide has finally turned on women keeping quiet about sexual abuse and misconduct, and can we say, it was about time it did.

Of late, there is another hashtag that has been seen doing the rounds on social media, and that is  #ThisIsNotConsent. Women across the world have been seen sharing pictures of their underwear on social media, so we decided to find out what exactly was going on.

This movement, it seems, has started in an expression of outrage over the acquittal of a 27 year old man in Ireland who was facing rape charges. The lawyer of the man presented the girl's thong in court as evidence that she was 'open to meeting and being with someone'.  The young girl was so embarrassed, she took her own life. Needless to say, the world is outraged by this turn of events.

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This case has sparked an outrage amongst women, who are arguing that clothes or underwear have absolutely nothing to do with giving sexual consent. Here are some of the posts on social media.

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The number of posts are just endless. Women have also taken to the streets to conduct peaceful protests.


Even though this whole story is just too sad for words, we are glad that people are voicing their opinions on such global scale, and that the time for women to hold their science against injustice is now over. More power to you ladies. Let's keep this wonderful momentum going.