13 Struggles of Having a Libran Best Friend

'"Don't ask me to pick! I like both dark chocolate and strawberry."




  1. ​Decision, decisions! 'Chocolate chip or mint? Raspberry or blueberry? Hey, do you even want ice-cream?' When Librans don't know what they want, they hate options. And boy, do menus can send them in a tizzy!
  2. There's no such thing as going out for beer. So pedestrian, right? It's got to be Rosé or Chardonnay, if it's not handcrafted gastronomical cocktails at the hottest club in the city. And if it must be beer, don't forget to woo her with pretentious words such as 'artisanal'.
  3. Librans are all about the fancy things, really. Anything that appeals to their senses. Aromatherapy is probably your bestie's crack. Don't take her to Forest Essentials unless you have all day!
  4. Practicality is obviously not her thing either. 'I must have that Swarovski-studded pair of Manolo Blahniks. Perhaps, I can live on carrot sticks until my next salary.'
  5. Oh, and Librans don't do small portions. "Get me this one in every colour, please."
  6.  "I'd like some artisanal coffee topped cinnamon and nutmeg, preferably in soy milk. But not very milky. And served with three raw, vegan oatmeal cookies on the side." Yeah, she has some serious specifications.
  7. They tend to have a spiritual side too, which can be cray-cray sometimes. "I think I'm clairvoyant. I had a dream about this and it totally happened."
  8. Tuning in can be nerve-racking. Librans always have multiple tabs open. So you know you're going to get a blank stare when you ask one to listen to you when they're not really listening.
  9. They can be pretty underground too. Like switching their phone off and going off the radar kind of underground. When your Libran bff pulls this one on you, you've got just one option left: break into her house.
  10. You know that famous quote on Pinterest? 'I care about pasta and like three people'. That applies to her 100%. She's probably the type who'll forget to call you on your birthday, and then show up at your doorstep with a three-layered cake, your favourite Pinot Noir, and if you're lucky, that cutie downstairs you've been crushing on. Yeah, she's all about 'going out of the way' for her loved ones.
  11. While she claims to be super underground, she will inevitably end up bumping into half a dozen people when she's out. And the next thing you know, she's burning up the dance floor. So, if you want to have a quite dinner with her, you're probably better off at home.
  12. But when she's out, she'll really out...getting her fourth cocktail and showing everybody how to burn the roof down. So, don't believe her when she says, "we'll leave the venueby 11pm. Promise." Because, there's an after party. And an after after party. And before you know, the sun's out too.
  13. But you know she's all about the contradictions and a crazy bunch of surprises. Just part of the reason you love her as much as you do!