Your Daily Horoscope for Sunday 25th August

Our in-house astrologer tells you whats in store for your sign✨


Astrology: As Mercury leaves your House of Happiness, you will realise that you need to put in a substantial amount of effort to get certain things back in order. You will spend a great amount of quality time with your family this weekend.

Tarot: Something hidden will finally be revealed. You might feel disappointed and betrayed but you will eventually feel extremely positive.



Astrology: With the moon still in your zodiac, you might find yourself feeling over sensitive. You will be open to heart to heart conversations. You will end up meeting certain people today who will turn out to be extremely crucial in shaping your life.

Tarot: A short vacay with your partner will lighten up your mood. A particular thought or belief that you’ve been holding on to will end up becoming the basis of your life.



Astrology: With the moon in your House of Losses, it seems like the perfect day to get your expenses under control. Spend on a trip, food or wine. There is a strong probability of investing in a new property. Shares and trades will also add to your finances.

Tarot: The day seems perfect to work on yourself and discover your hidden talents. You have been great at managing things and striking a balance. Focus on identifying your hidden talents and everything rewarding will follow.



Astrology: It’s the perfect day to take impromptu decisions. Your confidence will take you places. You can make the most out of a property deal. Be prepared for a good gift or some kind of inheritance from home.

Tarot: You will feel quite spiritually inclined today. Your belief in all things positive will keep you going. Make sure to make decisions based on your own wants and needs. You need to identify your goals and work on yourself.



Astrology:  With the Sun, Mars and Venus in your natal Zodiac, you will enjoy being the centre of attention today. You interest in the finer things in life seems to be on the rise. You might consider learning something related to art or theatre.

Tarot: If You’ve been waiting to take a certain action for a long time, today seems like the perfect day for it. It’s the day to celebrate friendships. There is an indication of some kind of travel.



Astrology: It’s time to re-invent yourself and engage in good, long term friendships. A long lost friend will be extremely helpful. Enjoy a super romantic time with your partner.

Tarot: If you’ve been holding on to a lie or a grudge, this is the time to move on and let go. It’s time to start afresh and clear off all those communication gaps that have been hampering your life. A great idea executed by you will turn out to be extremely rewarding.



Astrology: Today brings you some super exciting news on the home front. You will receive the kind of support you've been waiting for. Avoid being too dominating. 

Tarot: You will get complete support from an elder. A great time with your partner awaits you. Today, you can enjoy yourself and be grateful for all that you've achieved. 



Astrology: You will get extremely lucky in all those things you've been aiming at. Lady Luck favours you completely. The moon in your House of Love makes things super romantic for you.

Tarot: Your intuitive abilities will help you get through everything. Remember, you've been a winner all along and you will emerge stronger than ever. Avoid getting into an argument with a particular man as it will have negative consequences.



Astrology: A very strong chance of an inheritance or a property gain is in the offing. You might start some good, new initiatives. However, be cautious when it comes to health issues related to blood pressure. 

Tarot: It's time to step out of your comfort zone and start something new. The Knight of Wands indicates a new romance is on the cards. 



Astrology:  Be ready to have a lovely time with your partner. There is love and romance in the offing. Some of you might be looking forward to hosting a few guests.

Tarot: A female figure will make things easier for you. You will tend to feel alone and probably want to understand life from a different perspective. Be careful of a certain lady with a sharp tongue as an interaction with her could have negative consequences.



Astrology: Luck will be on your side today. Some over-spending is indicated. However, the day revolves around focusing your energy on people you love.

Tarot: It's the perfect day to spend some good, quality time with your family. If you’ve been planning an overseas trip with your family, do that ASAP! It's a great time to strengthen your family ties. A social fight can get out of control. Be careful!



Astrology: Be super cautious of your health. A sibling or a female figure will be extremely supportive. Take care of pending loans and credits. 

Tarot: You might feel financially stuck but you will get past it with ease. The right balance in life is what is needed. Strike out everything that doesn’t serve your purpose and have your POA in place.



Predictions by Shruti Dwivedi Email: shrutydivedi@gmail.com

Instagram: ://ShrutiDwivediOfficial