So, Turns Out Women Need TWICE the Sleep Men Do!

Yes, ladies, it's legit.




​The next time you're awoken by a man, smack him away in the name of science! The good researchers of Duke University, Durham, USA conducted a study that provided some pret-ty interesting results—women require DOUBLE the sleep men do, and if they don't get it, beware the mental and physical consequences!

The survey determined how much rest both sexes required, based on each one's ability to tackle intense exhaustion. Michael Breus, the sleep study expert and analyst of the study, noted this particular fact of the women who were part of the study: "We found that women had more depression, women had more anger, and women had more hostility early in the morning," and that the crucial distinguishing agent was the 'mental vitality'.

Women apparently simply have greater utilisation of their minds than men during the day (thank you very much) and that, if men were to utilise it nearly as much, they, too, would need far more hours of sleep to compensate for it. It's also been mentioned that a man with a job that requires complex, analytical decisions would require far more sleep than a man who doesn't.

Now leave us alone, it's time for #GirlPowerNap.