22 Times You Can Totally Relate to Classical Art

17th century painters had the right idea.




You never know how much you have in common with people from centuries ago. Facebook page, Classical Art Memes, shows just how relatable classical art can be.

1) The struggle is real.

2) Oh, I thought we were talking about the other kind of party...

3) Can you please shut the sound of you blinking.

4) Every ladies night. Ever.

5) College mornings be like...

6) How difficult is it to remember 20,000 KitKats?

7) Of course you sat next to Arjun Kapoor on the plane, and he told you that you're pretty.

8) I totally forgive you for spilling coffee on my white suede pumps. *lies*

9) Every car ride with parents ever.

10) What have I done to deserve this fresh hell!

11) First it was thigh gaps and now it's dog heads through stomach.

12) Just kick-you- in-the- crotch,  spit- on- your- neck fantastic.

13) How to get through Monday mornings.

14) When bae takes forever to reply.

15) B**ch gots to go.

16) That dark chocolate mud pie though.

17) Parents! Staaaaahhpp..!

18) I love it when you come over with your kids! *secretly dying a little inside*

19) Hello, random-guy-at-the-mall!

20) This is the day I prove myself.

21) Is 'pizza' a good look?

22) Yes. There is nothing more I would love than listening to your neighbor's pet cat's nephew's friend's story again.