Stop What You're Doing! They've Found a Unicorn In the Himalayas!

Please, let dragons be next.

​Extra! Extra! They've just discovered 211 new species in the Himalayas! The most interesting ones by far would be a unicorn (or something that's incredibly close to the concept), a kind of walking fish, a 'sneezing' monkey and a blue-eyed frog!

The walking fish, apparently, can survive quite happily on land for four days if it manages to wriggle across wet ground comfortably enough. It also seems to have left the impression on National Geographic that it's an aggressive little bugger—their unofficial name for it is 'Fishzilla'!

The sneezing monkey has been nicknamed "Snubby" (well, he also happens to be snub-nosed, obviously), a species that was discovered in Myanmar. Why 'sneezing'? Because heavy rain makes the pout-nosed creatures go into a sneezing frenzy—the visual in our head is most 'aww'-inducing.

And finally, the unicorn. Sadly, he's not quite as My Little Pony as you might have imagined, but the creature apparently does have a 'protruding column', so we'll consider that close enough.

Amongst the awe and intrigue come some pretty wise words of caution as well. "With discovery comes the important responsibility to continue protecting and caring for these precious gift that this world has been blessed with," said Dechen Dorji, Country Representative, WWF Bhutan to the media.  True that!