11 Bollywood Reactions That Can Help You Respond to Universally Awkward Situations

So. Much. Awkwardness..




Awkward moments, like the following, know no boundaries like age, country, sex or race,

Here are some of the most perfect reactions, to these universally cringe-worthy moments, by Bollywood:

1) When you see someone waving at you and you wave back, only to realize that they were NOT waving at you, and you have to pretend you were raising your hand for something else.

2)When you accidentally like someone's Instagram/ Facebook post from 5 months ago (even worse, when you're stalking your ex/ crush)

3)When your friend makes you watch a funny YouTube video, and it's not funny at all.

4) When you're talking about someone and they're standing right behind you, without you realizing it.

5) When people sing 'Happy Birthday' to you, and you ​have no idea what to do with yourself.

6)When you fall or slip in front of a group of strangers and you have to act cool.

7)When you're alone with someone you don't know, and you have to make small talk with them.

8) When you have to complement someone on something that looks terrible on them.

9)When you keep starting a sentence and then continuously get interrupted.

10)When you've already asked a person to repeat what they said a million times, and you still didn't hear it.

11) When you're sitting in a group, and someone's telling an anecdote and you know it is offensive to someone in the group.