The Arrest of a High School Muslim Boy Just Exposed the Biggest Problem With Society

And it's angered a lot of people!




​Friday the 13th was definitely a dark day for France and the rest of the world. A series of terrorist attacks across Paris left 129 dead and 352 citizens wounded. And as ISIS claimed responsibility for the attacks, we saw all Muslims being condemned for it. Right from Ann Coulter, many took to Twitter to openly express their hatred towards Muslims.

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In response to this, Sunday night saw Muslims coming out in great numbers and tweeting #IAmMuslim to show solidarity and express anger towards the Paris attacks. It was an effort to debunk the generalization being made by many that all Muslims are the root cause of terrorism.

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And that's not all. Today, Ahmed Mohamed, a ninth-grader at the MacArthur High School in Texas was arrested because his homemade alarm clock went off in the middle of class, and teachers thought it was a homemade bomb. He was then taken to a juvenile detention centre and questioned repeatedly. Seriously?

When will we learn and understand that the actions of extremists cannot be seen as the thoughts and actions of an entire religion? 9/11, the Paris Terror Attacks, they're the doing of extremists, radicals, not a young Muslim boy who just wants to go to school to learn. And this is definitely not the first time that people in positions of power have made sweeping statements like this. Check out this video of Real Time With Bill Maher:

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A very popular Bollywood movie released in 2010, My Name Is Khan addresses the same problem. And it almost seems like the crux of the movie is becoming a reality as we speak, "My name is Khan. And I'm not a terrorist."

Let's just hope that we actually manage to drill that message into the minds of those who think otherwise.