This Photoshopped Image of a Sikh Man is Going Viral for All the Wrong Reasons

Veerendra Jubbal was wrongly labelled a terrorist, after an edited image went viral.




​After the horrific Paris attacks, an image began circulating on social media around the world claiming to be of one of the Paris attackers. 

Things took an even uglier turn when a prominent Spanish newspaper published the edited picture on their front page, citing the image to be of one of the people involved in the Paris attacks. The image was even shred by an unofficial pro-ISIS network and Khilafah News, a popular pro-ISIS Telegram channel.

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The image went viral and when it was examined closely, it was discovered that it was indeed photoshopped. The original image was that of Veerendra Jubbal, a Sikh Canadian resident. The iPad, in the selfie, was replaced by a Quran, and he was shown to be wearing a suicide bomber vest,basically showing everything wrong you can do with the power of internet and Photoshop.

The original image was posted on Aug 4.

[twitter ]https://twitter.com/Veeren_Jubbal/status/628669930704015360[/twitter]

After he was alerted that his image had been photoshopped and has now gone viral, he took to Twitter to clear the matter:

[twitter ]https://twitter.com/Veeren_Jubbal/status/665911284559446016[/twitter]

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Jubbal has been a longstanding critic of the Gamergate, whose supporters are supposed to be the ones who have edited and leaked the photo online. Gamergate is a controversial online movement, with whom he had been arguing online for the past year.

Soon support for Veerendra Jubbal came pouring in from all around the globe, with people tweeting their anger at this gross misuse of social media.

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This should be an example of how we should not believe everything we see online, and verify facts thoroughly before making such horrific accusations.