"I Was Told to Cook Chapatis and to Not Ever Be Seen."

Imran Khan's ex-wife tells all…




​In a world where the letter-of-the-day is full commitment to women's rights, we find a hotbed of dubiousness in the life of a politician's spouse—unleashed by Imran Khan's (now) former wife Reham Khan, who talks about exactly how she was asked to curb her activism—and even her image—because had to play the part of a 'good, politician's wife'.

Reham told the media about the way she was asked to conduct herself before the splitting-up of her 10-month-old marriage to former cricket icon and politician Imran Khan, and how he didn't want her 'meddling' in politics. "I was told specifically by a senior adviser: they basically wanted me to be in the kitchen, to be cooking chapatis and not to be seen ever again," she was reported as saying.

Her career became a recurring obstacle too. For instance, when she became an ambassador of sorts for the street children of Peshawar, it became an issue because "obviously there was insecurity". She was also told she'd stepped on Imran's Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf's toes when she was questioned about facing domestic abuse in her first marriage, to which she had honestly responded "yes, because I didn't want to lie."

When there was a huge media uproar about this statement, the advisors advocated silence over speaking out. "I was told not to defend myself, to let it die down," but the "attacks continued" regardless.

Reham says she finally feels at peace after breaking out of the marriage, and says she's going to continue her work with street children and that she will also be producing two films. More power to you, Reham!