Holy Crap! This App Let's You Talk Sh*t to People

And it's actually raising awareness about sanitation!




We've all been guilty of using our phones while sitting on the crapper and now there's an app that validates that… Aaanndd also lets you talk and play games with strangers! Pooductive, the toilet chat-app, might sound very gimmicky, but it also has a very serious underlying message. A startup, Pooductive aims at raising awareness of the billions of people in the world, who don't have access to clean water or proper sanitation.

First launched in August this year, the app was relaunched on World Toilet Day (how apt!) in partnership with UN-Water, the United Nations body covering sanitation problems, to draw attention to the growing problem sanitation and clean drinking water around the world. Currently available for Android and iPhone, the app lets strangers connect in one-to-one and group chats, or just play simple games like noughts and crosses.

Talking about Pooductive, the app store listing says, "It's a community, made up of people who are all in the same position as you. And that is the exact reason why it is so much better and more entertaining then simply reading the back of a shampoo bottle or just playing any other odd game." Over 70,000 people have already signed up for this app and the creators are hoping to reach out to a lot more.​