"I Was Harassed by Manik Katyal"

A Cosmo girl shares her account…




​While the web was flooding with women coming forth about Emaho Magazine's Founder Manik Katyal, we found out that one of our own was nearly subject to Manik's attempts at a liaison. It was very nearly on the brink of reaching a situation before our staff member decided to stop responding, and was saved from a situation of potential harassment far more extensive than the cheesy (but inappropriate, nonetheless) comment he threw her way.

"He messaged me asking if I was interested in working with Emaho over a year ago," she says, "and opened a conversation with me from a purely professional angle at first. It's a great magazine, so I responded expressing interest, but it was his dialogue after that that tipped me off that something strange was going on."

"He hadn't gotten to the point of discussing with me what my job description at Emaho would be, but he clearly didn't know I was interested in an editorial/writing position because, just as I was about to ask what kind of work I'd be doing, he mentioned to me that I'd be great for Emaho because 'it'd be nice to have a pretty face behind the camera as well.' Something about his tone seemed off to me, and I didn't feel comfortable continuing the conversation. So I stopped replying."

When she mentioned this to a friend in the arts and photography circle, the friend told her NOT to respond to him anymore, as he had a 'bit of a reputation' in the art world. "My friend told that this guy had pulled creepy sh*t on all kinds of women, and I should stay away from. So I blocked him immediately."

It just goes to show how many of us go through something in silence, and have no idea just how many others are going through exactly that until something like this happens. Feel free to speak out if you have an incident to share as well.