These Brilliant Posters Show Exactly How Messed Up Our Society Is!

A part of #YesAllWomen campaign, these minimalistic posters call out those who think it's the women's fault for 'inviting' rape.




​We live in a society where blaming a woman for inviting male interest by wearing provocative clothes and talking freely, is very common. A man can get away by claiming that she was 'asking for it'. Women have been subjected to this gender disparity since a long time, whether it's with a ban from entering temples while they are menstruating or the claim that women ask or rape by being who they are.

Tumblr account, Still Not Asking For It, is dedicated to root out this sex shaming and the mentality that it's the woman who 'invites' rape by the way she walks, talks or dresses. With this series of brilliant, thought provoking posters, they attempt to reach out to the society and shed some light on this gross gender disparity.

Here, take a look:

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