Miss Thailand Plans To Wear a TUK-TUK for The Miss Universe Pageant!

Yes, vehicles are legit fashionable now.




If there's definitely going to be one thing that makes the Miss Universe pageant at the end of the year worth watching, it'll be checking out Miss Thailand toting an actual TUK-TUK on stage! 

The structure of the outfit is basically a 'skinny' tuk-tuk (modified and made thinner and lighter so she doesn't die from carrying an automobile on her waist. The designer, Hirankit Pattaboriboonkul talked about the dress, claiming he took the tuk-tuk for his muse because it'll cause a stir at the event (um, yes. Yes it will.)

The dress totally weighs around 7 kgs, and will be secured at 8 different points to make sure Miss Thailand Aniporn Chalermburanawong doesn't have an insanely embarassing 'slip'. (that'd be a total train-wreck, wouldn't it?) 

What's it made of? Light-weight plastic that was actually moulded around a real tuk-tuk to get the perfect shape and size. You'll see it in action on 20th December in Las Vegas.

Talk about being avant-garde! What's next, someone wearing a freight-train as a belt?