Here's Another Awesome Excuse to Get a Puppy!

Because just loving dogs is never enough...




​We'd run out of time if we started listing reasons about why dogs are the best! I mean, they are soo adorable, give unconditional love and are always willing to listen (even when your friends get sick of your rants). And now, a new study has found that kids that grow up with pets have less anxiety! Cool right? In the past there have been other studies that have concluded that dogs reduce asthma and other allergies as well, which makes it even more important to get a puppy in the house, like right now! The study conducted at the Bassett Medical Center in New York involved 643 kids between the age of six and seven, and found that a significant percentage of kids who grew up with a dog tested negative for clinical anxiety, as compared to the children who didn't have a pet.

The researchers concluded that it isn't a surprising statistic as pet dogs have known to benefit children and adults in many ways—they encourage their owners to exercise and stay fit (along with soo much love...such a bonus). It's also a proven fact that kids have a special relationship with children and li'l puppies are known to provide comfort to kids. It's no surprise then they play a vital role in reducing anxiety among kids.

Well, what are you waiting for? Get yourself a furry friend this holiday season!

Here's an adorable mash-up of cuddly puppies to warm your heart:

[youtube ]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XoNbmWWEk1A[/youtube]