Kerala Muslim Leader Doesn't Believe that There Are ANY Female Cardiac Surgeons

Also adds that gender equality is against Islam.




This is not the first time a religious or political leader has made a highly controversial comment about women and their position in the society. Earlier, one of Kerala's temple president had said that women will only be allowed to enter temples once there is a machine invented that can scan if they were menstruating or not.

So when another highly misogynistic comment from another leader (surprisingly from Kerala again!) came, we were not very shocked TBH. 

According to Abubakar Musliar, the concept of gender equality is "un- Islamic". He went on to add that women can never be equal to men as they are only fit to give birth to children. And this is not the worst one yet.

He went on to add that women have no mental strength and the power to control the universe lies in the hands of men. 

And then this MAJOR TRUTHBOMB: There are no women cardiac surgeons in the world. 

Of course this is true. Because men are in charge of the universe, which OBVIOUSLY includes operating on people's hearts!

He amends that women doctors can take care of regular maladies and pediatrics, but major surgical practices cannot be handled by women as they don't have the 'courage.'

He also believes that the reservation for women in Kerala elections for local governing bodies are too high, as that is not what women are supposed to do (we're just supposed to give birth to baies, remember?) and that making boys and girls sit together in a class is a 'calculated move to destroy Islam and Islamic culture.'

He also declared the recent controversy surrounding VP Rajeena's allegations of sexual abuse in madarsa as baseless.

We could have dismissed this comment as silly and hilarious if some random person had said it. But this came from one of Kerala's prominent religious leaders, who a lot of people look up to. This seems like a major set back in the ongoing process of maintaining gender equality and empowering Indian women. 

As a woman, especially a muslim woman, I  urge all of you to not get angry at these comments. Do not give them the power to elicit such a strong emotion from you.It's not worth it. These comments are baseless and have no validation from the Quran or any hadees. ​You need not go on protests or on Twitter rants against such misogynistic comments. You just need to educate yourself and those around you that this is not what the religion, be it Islam or Hinduism or Christianity or any other religion or culture, teach.