I Tried a Fad Diet for a Week

And here's what happened...



I'm sure many of you, just like me, must be thinking of ways to lose weight quickly so that you can fit in that sexy dress and spam Instagram with look-how-hot-I-am selfies! And since I'm also a mere mortal and think on similar lines, I decided to try one of the many fad diets.

The past few months of reckless eating had started showing on me. Since I'm not somebody who can sweat it out in the gym, I decided to try the GM Diet (the General Motors Diet)—which seemed like an easy-peasy way to lose some extra weight quickly! 

The GM Diet is a seven-day program, which includes a different diet plan for each day. The first three days are all about fruits and vegetables. The diet allows you to eat to your heart's content (only according to the plan, though!), so I had no cravings! Everything was hunky dory till day four came along—which included only bananas and milk! By afternoon I was ravenous...and I finally gave in to my stomach's wailing by eating a slice of brown bread with a glass of milk for dinner. The final three days were much easier as you're allowed a mix of protein and carbs, and I curbed my cravings by sipping on several cups of green tea. Being a vegetarian, I substituted chicken with low-fat cottage cheese. Along with the diet, I did yoga everyday and by the end of the week, I lost about 1.8kgs and nearly an inch around the waist. 

My body looks more toned and I noticed that my skin has become clearer. What I love about this diet is that it's actually doable! I fit into all my old dresses now. Yay! 

You can get the full diet plan here.

Because of my this li'l experiment, I discovered the permutations and combinations that make a diet work in your favour! Here are some things you need to keep in mind before trying a new fad diet:

It Includes Breakfast: It's the most important meal of the day and is vital for setting you up for the rest of the day. Any diet that skips breakfast must be skipped!

It Tells You to Take it Slow: A good diet will always promote gradual weight loss versus dropping quick kilos. If you drop more than 2.5kgs in a week, chances are you're losing muscle tissue.

It Eliminates Sugar, Not Fat: Fats are essential for good health and a low-fat diet will leave you feeling hungry and cranky, and won't help you maintain weight loss.

It Includes Regular Meals: All good diets promote eating at regular intervals to keep your metabolism on track.