This Video Describes EVERYTHING Wrong With Indian Television Serials!

It's so true, it hurts!




With the ongoing controversy over censorship in cinema and television (#SanskaariJamesBond remember?), it is not surprising to see ridiculous and often frustrating cuts in English TV shows or movies that are being aired in India. 

For instance, while watching 'The Mummy' recently, one of the dialogues had the word 'booby trap' in it, which was of course blurred from the subtitles coming below, because even looking at the word 'boobs' is against our values.

This trend has been rampant with television shows as well, which makes us question the themes of Indian TV serials, often portraying misogyny, sexism, dated social norms and what not. Shouldn't we look a little closer home while on a censorship spree?

Watch East India Comedy's absolutely accurate video depicting everything that is wrong with Indian TV serials.

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