10 Things We Miss About Our Nokia Brick Phone...





#1. That feeling you get when your phone falls to the floor and bounces back up and works just fine.

#2. That feeling you get when your phone falls down, dismantles on the way there, your heart catches in your throat, you put it back together with a mental suspense soundtrack, and it works just fine.

#3. Ahhhh... the green screen that seemed so techno-forward at the time…

#4. You filled up every spare moment, in the car, waiting in line—whatever, with a good ol' game of snake.

#5 That feeling when you didn't have a ball to play catch with, so you just used your phone instead.

#6. Yeah, remember when you had a phone that actually fit in your pocket instead of being the size of YOUR FACE?

#7. Recharging the batteries? Pfffft. Yeah, like, every ten days! HOLLA!

#8. Texting when you were half-asleep was SO much easier before a touchscreen came across to cramp our style…

#9. The custom cases. Awww, wasn't that cute?

#10. Those ringtones, though! Back then, keyed in Strangers In The Night was the SHIZZ.