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                                                                          COSMO PROMOTION​

​Fact: our gadgets are an important part of our lives. Like, major! 

While our phones help us do a lot of work,  we often forget is that they are also part of our personality, an extension of what we are, what we like, how we want the world to see us. They define our style. Gone are the days when gadgets were just tools -- a means to an end. Now they need to also look the part and seamlessly meld into our daily routine. Handful of companies realize it, and Asus is one of them.

Taiwan-based Asus has taken a lead in this space. It is making gadgets sexy, and showing that a laptop or a phone can also be a style statement. In Steve Job's words, to put style back in phones, the company has come out with different and innovative designs for its ZenFone. These new designs help the company outfit the ZenFone with a large display without making the device look ungainly.

ASUS recently announced the launch of ZenLooks – a national design challenge inspiring India's fashionistas to create their own tech accessory – a new case for the ZenFone 2 that is inspired by our country. The ZenLooks competition is inspired by ASUS's recent Incredible Catwalk collaboration with fashion commentator Kim Jones, where ASUS and Kim created Southeast Asia's ultimate fashion story. Kim modelled a selection of ZenFone 2 cases in the Incredible Catwalk fashion story, including the case designed exclusively for ASUS by international fashion vlogger CutiePieMarzia.

Uniquely, the ZenFone Family is one of the few phones in the market that have the volume buttons on the back. Despite having a large screen, which is the in-thing these days, the ZenFone can be carried in a small ladies bag, which many users will appreciate.

Also, with these phones, you can be on top of your selfie game at all times as the ZenFone Selfie can capture clear and amazing selfies with their class-leading 13-megapixel front camera quipped with the flash! 

Asus has unique features, for both front and rear cameras, something that Jones love so much that when she recently visited India and toured Taj Mahal she relied on the ZenFone to click gorgeous photos of the monument of love. The ZenFone Selfie and ZenFone 2 Laser have auto-focus system that uses laser technology.

"Incredible Catwalk is Southeast Asia's ultimate fashion story. Together with ASUS, we've reimagined seven countries' national dress with a modern, fashion-forward twist. Each look was shot on location across the region; it was a breathtaking, inspiring experience. I've captured some exciting moments on my ZenFone 2 for my followers", says Kim.  

Asus is offering different ZenFone models with different finishes and a bouquet of unique and trendy colours. For instance, the ZenFone 2 Deluxe has a rock face like finish and is offered in off-beat colours like theIllusion Series - Glacier White to give your outfit a luxurious edge with the exceptional textured patterns.

The ZenFone Selfie, meanwhile, is offered in colours like pink, while the standard ZenFone 2 model comes in a faux metal finish, which is smooth to hold and looks totally premium.

Adding to the chic quotient of the ZenFone, Asus is now allowing users to design their own cases with a dedicated #ZenLooks app. After all, your taste is unique to you so why not create your own style statement? And just in case you come up with unique style statement, one that is aesthetically so pleasing that you will like to share it with the world, tell about it to Asus and take part in the company's unique social media campaign.

Your uniquely designed ZenFone will not only get some envious glances but may also make you win your very own ZenFone 2 Deluxe and the limited edition ZenFone 2 backcase designed by CutiePieMarzia from the company. A Grand Prize winner will even be selected to collaborate with the design team at ASUS to have their winning case design manufactured.