THIS is 2016 Colour of the Year..?!

Bye, Bye, Marsala.




Pantone Colour Institute has been brightening up our worlds for years and years, predicting what will be on trend, what will be in fashion and what this all means (well, maybe not that last part). Following on from last year's Marsala (which Kylie Jenner pretty much hijacked for her lips) Pantone has announced the two colours that will be trickling into our lives in 2016. Everyone give a warm welcome to Rose Quartz and Serenity, or as we like to call them, pink and purply-blue.

The Pantone website explains that the Pantone Colour of the Year is a "symbolic colour selection; a colour snapshot of what we see taking place in our culture that serves as an expression of a mood and an attitude."

So either it's going to be a boy or a girl OR… "Rose Quartz is a persuasive yet gentle tone that conveys compassion and a sense of composure. Serenity is weightless and airy, like the expanse of the blue sky above us, bringing feelings of respite and relaxation even in turbulent times", according to the Pantone website.

The latter definitely makes more sense, but the former shouldn't be dismissed too quickly.

Pantone usually only chooses one colour each year, so it was interesting to find out why they have opted for two in 2016.

"In many parts of the world, we are experiencing a gender blur as it relates to fashion, which has in turn impacted colour trends throughout all other areas of design. This more unilateral approach to colour is coinciding with societal movements toward gender equality and fluidity, the consumer's increased comfort with using colour as a form of expression, a generation that has less concern about being typecast or judged, and an open exchange of digital information that has opened our eyes to different approaches to colour usage", they said in a statement on their site.

Nawww, who knew so much thought and meaning went into colours!?

With the world feeling a little bit chaotic at the moment, it's no wonder that these two harmonious and calming tones have been chosen as the desired palette for 2016. Mindfulness and meditation was trending big time this year, and we feel like this is also a continuum of that.

Be prepared to see these colours in your clothes, in your home wares and even your beauty cupboard.

This article originally appeared on Cosmopolitan.com.au