This Mumbai Rickshaw Driver's Attempt To Help Chennai Will Melt Your Heart

Because the world is full of good souls—we just forget.




​What designer Shalini Girish did not expect when she was riding in an auto in Mumbai, and had a phone conversation in Tamil, was for her auto driver to react immediately with great concern for her. He interjected the post-phone call silence with the phrase "Madam, aapke pehchaan valey sab theek hain?" ("Madam, is everyone you know okay?)

This started the subject of the floods, and she and the driver kept talking about it till they reached her destination. When she disembarked and tried to pay her fare, the rickshaw driver refused her money, saying "Use the money instead to help the people of your city in one way or another—I'm poor, and this is the most I can give you. May Allah keep them safe."

She was so touched by this beautiful moment, she shared her story on Facebook...

If anything is going to make you want to be a better person today, this is it...