This Chennai Milk-Lady is Inspiring Millions Online!

Even the devastating rainwater floods did not stop Radha from doing her job.




Radha, a milk-lady from Chennai, has gone hugely viral online after a local posted a picture of her delivering milk despite the devastating effects of the rainwater floods.

[twitter ]https://twitter.com/madarassi/status/671874142468096004[/twitter]

Radha, a 60 year old milk-lady from Chennai, works for Aavin, the Tamil Nadu state milk cooperative, and has grown up children who are already well established. 

So when  she was asked in an interview​, why she is still delivering milk, especially during such a harsh and difficult time,  she said "So many people are dependent on me, how can I not go? And so much milk would go waste if I don't deliver it!"

That's some inspiring work ethic, right?!

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