This Woman Was Told To "Go to the Gym" When She Asked For Her Size!

And what he said was rude AF.

​When Mumbai girl Mona Joshi set out shopping for a ghagra on December 2, 2015, she didn't quite expect to be given a side of free, utterly rude 'advice'.  Kalki, a designer ethnic-wear store in Santa Cruz, Mumbai, turned her down saying they had "nothing in her size".

When Mona asked what, then, women her size we expected to do, the retort was a snarky "Go to the gym". Distraught, and feeling incredibly ashamed (!!!) Mona left the store. "In that moment, I felt like I deserved that comment. That maybe it was my fault." 

The incident was brought to the management's attention by Shresht Poddar, a friend of Mona's, who wrote out the incident in detail and, quite wisely, stated that the letter was only to let the management know, and not to shame the brand because "the owner cannot be held responsible for the momentary action of an employee".

The management, however, took the exact kind of action one would hope for in the situation—they apologized whole-heartedly and kicked the offensive employee out on his ass, on the double. They also offered them red carpet treatment in order to make up for the incident.

The greatest takeaway from all of this? Speaking out against this kind of bullsh*t will see results. #JusticeServed