Wait What?! This Magic Concrete Could Have Saved Chennai From Floods

Listen up Indian government!

​While everyone is still trying to figure out the real reason behind Chennai floods, we came across something that could have actually helped reduce the damage caused by the floods, if not completely avoid it. Confused how a 'natural calamity' could have been avoided?

Well, there is a magical concrete developed in the UK that can actually suck gallons of litres of water. Yes, this is NOT a joke! When water is dropped on Topmix Permeable concrete, it vanishes instantly as opposed to flowing in all directions when it hits traditional concrete.

The traditional concrete has to be porous enough to let 300mm of water an hour through to the ground level, but Topmix Permeable, in contrast, lets through 36,000mm of water an hour (approximately 880 gallons every minute), without slicking up the surface even for a second. Invented by Tarmac, a UK building materials and solutions company, the miraculous concrete was especially developed to tackle rainwater during storms.

If you don't believe what we just told you, watch the mind-blowing video here:

[youtube ]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ed-jiOXO3aQ[/youtube]