11 Things that Guys Might NEVER Understand About Girls

Why we prefer going to the ladies room ONLY in groups...




1) The glorious feeling when you take off your bra at the end of a looooong day.​ There are a few things that feel as relaxing as that, tbh.

2) The reason why we NEED a group of minimum 2 people to visit the ladies room. There is no rational explanation to this phenomenon, but I will say this, Moaning Myrtle went to the bathroom at Hogwarts alone... and look what happened to her. FYI she was brutally murdered and turned into aforementioned moaning ghost, who haunted the bathroom forevermore.

3) How we can bitch about someone for 50 odd hours and then be BFFs with them when we see them IRL. It's just a girl thing, I guess. When we want to bitch about someone, we may or may not actually mean all the trashy things we're saying about the person. It's just a way to vent.

4) How we can distinguish Channing Tatum and Chris Hemsworth by JUST looking at their abs. Not all girls? Just me....ok...!

5) The fact that we wear sky high heels we can barely walk in and then complain how they make our feet ache like we've done something terrible in our past lives. Have you seen what those pumps do for our calves? #WorthIt

6) Why we NEED to visit ten stores looking for 1 pair of earrings and then go back to the first store we went to and buy them there. It's called scoping out options. Might seem trivial, but is hella important.

7) How  we can differentiate between two black bags of different brands that are almost identical to each other. It's kind of like a superpower.

8) Why we would start crying/ get mad about something that happened thousand years ago when we're on our periods. This one is pretty self explanatory. We're on our periods and going through hell for 7 days straight. If you ask us if we need anything, we will get mad at you. If you give us chocolate on your own, we might let you live.

9) Why it's a cardinal rule to NEVER ask a girl if it's her 'time of the month' whenever she expresses an extreme emotion. Even if it IS our 'time of the month'. On second thoughts, it makes us sound like werewolves, so we might forgive you on this one.

10) How we have a deeply ingrained love for drama, ​despite claiming that we don't like drama in our lives. 

11) Why that girl's outfit is totally ratchet. I know you think a combination of jeans and sweater works all the time, but there is SO much you can get wrong with such a simple outfit, case in point said 'that girl'.