This Woman Created A Whole WEBSITE About Having Your Period!

And it's the most bad*ss thing EVER.




Aditi Gupta, Founder,Menstrupedia​.com

Her revolutionary website has started both an open discussion, as well as an understanding of a subject that's been taboo to talk about for years: menstruation. 

With blogs, comic strips and videos on periods that are meant to clear any kind of haziness on the matter, Aditi tells us that she started it up because she felt a huge dearth of this kind of information when she needed it herself. 

"I took up a research project in this domain as a Research Associate for Ford Foundation at NID, and, during it, found that the subject was introduced long after most girls had already the menarche (the first period)."

It was post this finding that she and her now fiance Tuhin set up a prototype: a printed comic in Hindi, which they tested on school girls. "But we had to shelve it at the time—there was just no funding for something like this." 

Years later, they managed to bring menstrupedia to fruition. How? "Crowd-funding. We started a campaign on Wishberry and people really wanted it to take off, so they contributed." And now, the website not only has over a 1,00,000 users a month, 25 plus schools have included it in their curriculum! 

"The goal was to get people to stop being afraid of discussing it—we wanted it talked about, for information to be accessible. We wanted to bust ridiculous myths like 'period blood is dirty blood' or that a 'menstruating girl is a bad omen'. You'd think it was archaic, but beliefs like these are still prevalant, and we're glad we've started the process of changing that thought."