This Boy Just Found a Kick*ss Solution for Delhi's Odd-Even Problem

And he's only thirteen!




​There's been enough anger regarding the odd-even policy laid out by Arvind Kejriwal. Some people are calling it ridiculous, others still are calling the Delhi Chief Minister loony. But here's the fact of the matter: we're going to have to follow the policy starting January, whether we like it or not.

And that's why, instead of blowing steam and fretting over the logic behind the decision, we need to figure out a solution. Which is what 13-year-old Akshat Mittal spent did.

So, while we were all cursing the Delhi CM and b*tching out the scheme, Akshat Mittal was devising a plan to make things just a tad bit easier. He created a website that gives users information about the kind of cars on the roads that day, their destination, the route they're about to take etc. All you need to do is register on the website with your name, car registration, destination etc. and you'll be queued into Delhi's mass carpool scene. And don't worry; you can simply hitch a ride if you don't have a car. Cool, right?

Here's what the website looks like:

Yup, the odd-even thing doesn't seem that bad now, right?

Thank Akshat Mittal! And make sure you register for a ride on his website!