The New Delhi Police Ad Features a Bad**s Female Cop Teaching Eve Teasers a Lesson!

Here's why you NEED to see the ad for 'Himmat' app by the Delhi Police...




​As a safety measure for women, the Delhi Police has launched a mobile phone based application, called 'Himmat' recently.

The application has features that enable women to alert the police if they are in any danger or if they feel threatened in any situation.

The application's ad is an animated feature, showing 2 women traveling alone at night when some eve teasers start following them on bikes and start harassing them. One of the girls assures the other that she has the 'Himmat' app, which alerts the police and ultimately saves them.

The best part about the ad is that the cop who comes to their rescue is a woman. She arrives with a bad**s entry and proceeds to beat down the sleazy eve teasers (with a disclaimer that the violence is JUST for creative purpose only!)

Here, check out the full ad here:

[youtube ]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6nLMhn9bzr0[/youtube]