Meet the Country's Most Kick*ss Lawyer...

When this powerhouse is around, there's hope for justice yet.




​Karuna Nundy, Supreme Court Lawyer

A supreme court advocate extraordinaire, Karuna Nundy has carved out a niche for herself as a human rights litigator. You might know of her because she took up the litigation for the Bhopal Gas Tragedy eight years ago, or because she recently fought on behalf of AIB (for the Knockout Roast). She's also done so much for women's rights in her time as part of the justice system, she's become a feminist cult figure—Kalki Koechlin even said she believes her to be a true 'feminist superhero'.

And it's not an easy fight she fights every day, dealing with a vexed justice system. "We have sparsely enough judges, or enough courtrooms.  Not to mention the fact that there is no real consistency in jurisprudence—the deliverable sentence for some cases are ridiculously low, while often similar cases are given far harsher sentencing," she tells us.

While the justice system may not always be fair, Karuna tries to be. "It helps that I have the leeway to do things my way, because I'm my own boss. I try to understand that people have lives outside of work, and if you give them the comfort of letting them balance it, they're always likely to be more productive when they are at work," though, she adds laughing, that "I, myself, would probably be described by the people I work with as a 'hard task-master'—someone who's extremely analytical, and uses rhetoric in the courtroom."

One of her most daunting cases, (getting the government to strike down 66A of the Information and Technology Act), is something she considers one of her biggest wins. "Bringing speech on the internet in line, and the two victories in the Bhopal case—they truly made me feel like I was being able to keep the hope for justice alive."