This Acid Attack Survivor is Now the Face of a Fashion Brand

"Although our faces have been ruined, beauty still lies within us"




Attempting to break all stereotypes associated with standards of beauty in the fashion industry, clothing brand Viva ​ N Diva have signed Laxmi, an acid attack survivor, as the face of their campaign.

According to the brand, this is a step to give acid attack survivors across the country a platform to shed the tag of a victim

The brand also insists that this step has not been taken as a form of charity, "We have worked with Laxmi like we work with any other model — both in terms of payment and profit sharing as well as in terms of the shoot," the brand's representative has stated in an interview.

According to Laxmi, this is a  major initiative towards changing the way acid attack survivors are perceived in the society. 

"People often laugh at our looks. Children get scared and call us ghosts. When such initiatives are undertaken, they make people understand that we, too, are like regular women. Although our faces have been ruined, beauty still lies within us," says Laxmi.

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