This Tiny Landlocked Himalayan Heaven is Now India's First Organic State

This state now practices only organic cultivation which is free from chemical fertilisers and pesticides.




​Sikkim has become countrty's first fully organic state where one can relish fresh organic food and is now on the bucket list of the travelers this year. This state has converted around 75,000 hectares of agricultural land into sustainable cultivation. 

According to PTI, Pawan Chamling-led government in Sikkim decided to make Sikkim an organic farming state 12 years ago in 2003 through a declaration in the legislative assembly. This was followed by retriction on the entry of chemical inputs for farm land and a stringent ban on their sale.

[pullquote align="C"]"We have achieved fully-organic status in the end of December. Prime Minister Narendra Modi will formally announce this at a sustainable agriculture conference in Gangtok on January 18," said Sikkim Organic Mission's executive director Dr Anbalagan. [/pullquote]

Photo credits: sikkimorganicmission.gov.in

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