This Bad*ss One-Eyed Kitty That Swims And Surfs Will Be the Best Thing You'll See Today

We're totally smitten by this kitten!


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We all know that where there is water, humans shall find no cats... Okay, maybe that was a li'l extreme, but you get the drift, right? Cats hate water! But Kuli isn't just another cat. This awesome feline can not just swim, but also surfs like a total boss!

The year-and-a-half old Kuli is a one-eyed rescued cat, and has taken over the Internet with its cool moves. According Adventure Cats, a blog and resource organization focused on cats, roommates Alexandra Gomez and Krista Littleton adopted Kuli when he was just six months old. Kuli was malnourished and had a really bad eye infection due to which its one eye had to be removed. And the two roommates ended up naming him Kuli—short for Nanakuli, Hawaiian city, as it means 'to look blind'.

As soon as it got better, the roomies let kitty get familiar with water and before you know it, Kuli took over the surfing scene... Now that's what we call pawsome!

  Here's Kuli in photos:

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