Did You Know: You Can Visit Mumbai Without Moving From Your Desk?!

Just get your headphones, and you're set!




​Is Mumbai your hometown? 

Are you away from Mumbai for work or some other reason?

Do you think no other place in the world is as good as Mumbai? 

Have you never been to Mumbai but wondered what it REALLY felt like to be in the "City of Dreams"?

Do you wish you were in Mumbai RIGHT NOW? 

If you couldn't stop nodding your head up and down after reading the above questions, then click here for a magical experience!

Plug in the best head phones you've got, close your eyes and relax, for you are in for an amazing ride here! 

The website has been developed by Tapan Babbar, a Ux Designer based in Delhi but in love with the city of Mumbai. He managed to capture the sounds of Mumbai in the most beautiful way possible. 

Pretty amazing, right?

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