You'll Never Believe What This Woman Wrote a Book About!





Five amazing women, five inspiring stories. For our New Year issue, we decided to get together the strongest (and coolest) women we know, to share their struggles. For these women, 2015 was about facing their fears. And Diya Sethi did just that. After having battled anorexia and bulimia for so many years, Diya decided to get help and become healthy once and for all. But what she did next takes real guts. She wrote a book about her struggle! No sh*t!

"2015 Was the Year I Went Public With My Food Demons"

Diya Sethi

Consultant Chef and Author

In the days leading up to the night of her attempted suicide, Diya had been leading a fabulous life in Paris. Her father was the Indian Ambassador to France at the time, and her days and evenings were filled with dinners, galas... the works! So, how do you go from that to finding yourself on a bathroom floor in a pool of vomit? "The toughest part is being at war with oneself. I was looking for anything that would give me a sense of control over my life, and myself." says Diya.

Her struggle with anorexia and bulimia started early. When she was in high school, Diya realised she had a problem. Learning how to feel again is the toughest thing for an any addict according to Diya. "When I saw the suffering I had caused to the people I love, I decided to fight the addict in me." She moved back to India and practiced ayurveda, the art of living, and yoga, which helped her heal.

In 2015, Diya's life took another turn—she wrote her novel The Addict: A Life Recovered. Today, a consultant chef, Diya deals with food everyday. And how has she changed? "I have a new-found loyalty to myself," she says.

Photograph: Anand Gogoi; Styling: Samar Rajput​