Wow! THIS is India's Most Educated State!





So, here's why Kerala's currently making the country proud—From a school child to a regulation janitor, everyone (and we mean EVERYONE) in Kerala now has the literacy badge! The southern state has become the first one in the country to hit the 100% primary education mark and has set an example for the other states in India.

In 2014 the Kerala State Literacy Mission, launched a special scheme called Athulyam. This scheme pulled together over 2,00,000 adults who hadn't finished primary school (for a whole host of reasons). They were put under some pretty rigorous training for five months, and then went on to give the exam we all give for fourth grade.

Most of the people this scheme reached out to were between 15 and 50 years old. The results? 2,60,000 candidates turned up for the exam in June last year, held across 6,000 centres in Kerala—and only around 40,000 of them didn't make it through!But Kerala has some pretty major #literacygoals up their sleeve—they now intend to hit 100% plus-two education mark too! Way to go, K-town!