Gurgaon Launches First Of Its Kind Bike Taxi Service For Women, by Women!

Bikxie Pink offers bike-cab services for women, with female drivers, to travel safely in Gurgaon.

​After the launch of pink auto rickshaws driven by women, for women in Mumbai, Gurgaon has gotten it's first of its kind bike taxi service, Bikxie Pink, which will cater to women passengers driven by female drivers only!

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This app based service has been launched by Divya Kalia and her husband Mohit Sharma to facilitate easy and safe traveling options to women commuting in and around Gurgaon. The Motor Vehicle Act didn't have the provision for this, but after Haryana made amendments in the law, two-wheelers were qualified to be used as commercial vehicles.

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Fro the safety of the female drivers, they are required to carry pepper sprays and have an SOS button installed for them in the app. 

This service is becoming more and more popular owing to it being unique  and economical, with commuters being charged INR10 for the first two kilometers, and INR 5 for every kilometer after. 

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