These 'Ziveg Safer Smart Jewellery' Could Be the Perfect Valentine's Day Gift for Your Loved One!

Yes, you can now have gorgeous jewelry that can trigger an SOS alert in case you don't feel safe somewhere, amongst other things!

In a rather smart initiative to enable women to feel safe when traveling alone at night or in any situation where they feel even remotely unsafe, comes Ziveg and Leaf Wearables' latest 'smart jewelry'!

Yes! Terming it as a revolution of its kind, this intersection between fashion and technology takes the best of both worlds and come up with a product that is as wearable as it is functional!

The main features of Ziveg Safer Smart Jewelry are that you can send out an SOS alert with just a slight press of a deftly hidden button, you can also appoint a guardian who can track your movements in case you're traveling alone at night. You can also sync your phone with the jewelry so that you can get notification alerts on it as well as take effortless selfies too!

The products are available here and here.