This 15-Year-Old Girl Just Identified the Real Problem With Terrorism…

...and she's totally right!




​Obviously you remember the Paris attacks last year in November. Coordinated terrorist attacks in different parts of Paris left 130 people dead, and hundreds more wounded. And the people behind the attack? ISIS.

What followed after were two things: one, #prayforparis. The hashtag that everyone around the world was using to show solidarity and support for the people in Paris. And two, lots and lots of hate and anger for Muslims.

And then of course there was the young Muslim boy who carried a homemade clock to school and was arrested because a teacher thought he had made a bomb. There was the young woman who put out a post on social media about her daughter being scared of admitting she's Muslim. And there were so many more.

Which is why, this video of 15-year-old Isra Mohammed making a presentation on Islam for her entire school is so moving. The thing is, terrorists inflict terror, not their country, and not their religion either. The minute you start to alienate one community after a terrorist attack, you're giving into terrorism and promoting it.

Still don't get it? Let Isra tell you…            

[youtube ]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y16eIcQWaO8[/youtube]