This 22-Year Old Female Auto Driver is a Single Mom AND an IAS Aspirant!

Her story is inspiring, to say the least!




 An auto driver by profession and a single mother of 2 year old kid, Yellamma is defying all the odds to make her dream come true. 

This 22 year old lady earns her living by driving an auto-rickshaw from 6am to 8pm​ and is studying to clear Indian Administrative Service (IAS) examination .

Forced to marry a flower decorator at the tender age of 18, Yellamma chose to not depend on anyone for her financial support. ​She learnt driving with the help of her brother-in-law but faced woes when she actually started to look for an auto to rent. Yellamma explained in an interview​"Autorickshaw owners refused to rent a vehicle because they won't give one to a woman. A mechanic finally agreed to rent me an auto for 130 per day." ​She earns around 700-800 rupees in a day but is left only with less than half of the amount after paying for the fuel and rent of the rickshaw.

While she drives her rickshaw across the city for most of the time but she never misses any opportunity to read newspapers and magazines on current affairs in between her trips.

She hopes that by becoming a part of the system, she would be able to help thousands of other women like her. 

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