Now Women Cannot Be Stopped from Joining the Army Medical Corps for Being Pregnant!

Punjab and Haryana High Court passed the verdict, declaring that pregnancy is no 'deterioration of health'.




​A recent court hearing by the Punjab and Haryana High Court has declared that women cannot be permanently barred from joining the Army Medical Corps as doctors, if they are pregnant during the selection process.

According to the High Court, "Forcing a choice between bearing a child and employment interferes both with a woman's reproductive rights and her right to employment and such an action could have no place in modern India. Keeping the nature of employment in consideration, the government could grant maternity leave or keep a vacancy reserved which could be offered to a candidate after childbirth,"​ as reported by TOI.

This ruling happened after a woman, who was rejected from the AMC after it was found out that she was pregnant after getting selected for Short Service Commissions as captain, filed a petition in the court stating that being pregnant does not mean 'deterioration in health'.

She also argued that married women are eligible to apply till the age of 45 and since there is no strenuous military training required for selection for SSC in the Army Medical Corps, pregnancy should not be a reason for rejection.

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